Wheelchair tennis in the spotlight at Disneyland Paris

On the occasion of the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend which took place on September 22, 23 and 24, 2017, Disneyland Paris asked Handiamo! to animate an introductory wheelchair tennis workshop at the Disney Event Arena.

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During 2 days, we were able to discover wheelchair tennis to several hundred visitors and employees of Disneyland Paris.

The participants had the privilege of being introduced to the wheelchair tennis by Michaël JEREMIASZ (Paralympic champion and former world No. 1) and Charlotte FAIRBANK (French No. 4).

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At the end of each initiation, the participants confronted each other on a match that always ended in good humor despite the disappointment of the loser.

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Daniel DELCOURT, Deputy Director General of Disneyland Paris, did us the honor of participating in the event and teamed up with Michael JEREMIASZ during a double exhibition.

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The animation was very much appreciated by all the exhibitors present in the Disney Event Arena who also could discover and try the chair tennis.