Wheelchair tennis event at the Salon Evoluvies

The department of Saône-et-Loire organized on 27 and 28 October 2017 in Chalon-sur-Saone the Salon Evoluvies, the exhibition of technical and human solutions for more autonomy. On this occasion, the County Council of Saône-et-Loire asked Handiamo! to organize and host a wheelchair tennis event.

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Michaël JEREMIASZ (Evoluvies fair sponsor, Paralympic champion, flag bearer of the French team in Rio and former World No. 1), and Charlotte FAIRBANK (French N ° 4) animated with Richard WARMOES (General Manager of Handiamo!) the wheelchair tennis event which welcomed many visitors during the two days of Evoluvies Salon.

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After attending an exhibition between the two wheelchair tennis champions, André ACCARY (Chairman of the County Council of Saône-et-Loire) and Gilles PLATRET (Mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône) had the pleasure of playing a doubles match with the two champions, match that was refereed by Nelson MONFORT.

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Several hundred visitors of the Salon Evoluvies were then introduced to the practice of wheelchair tennis.

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Through a playful, participative and friendly approach, the event has helped visitors to change the way they look at people with disabilities and more generally about diversity. At the end of each wheelchair tennis session, many questions were asked to the two champions.

Testimony of André ACCARY, President of the County Council of Saône-et-Loire: « I wanted to thank the Handiamo! team for their presence at the Salon Evoluvies. It was for us a guarantee of success and credibility in the adventure we conducted. Your company has been particularly highlighted and appreciated, both among the visitors present and by my teams. I was, I confess, impressed by the demonstrations that you have proposed. I have this conviction, vivacious, that it is through demonstration and openness that we will overcome stereotypes and prejudices about disability. It was for me a pride to welcome you to Saône-et-Loire. I wish you every success in your projects in favor of the promotion of disabled sport « .