The 6th district of Paris ‘Fête la Différence’ on the Place Saint-Sulpice

The October 8, 2016 Handiamo! conceived and organized place Saint Sulpice for the Mayor of the 6th district of Paris, in partnership with Enedis, the event « Le 6e Fête la Différence » with the participation of disabled sports champions who have represented France at the Rio Paralympic Games Rio:

In wheelchair basketball : Fabienne Saint OMER DELEPINE, Grâce WEMBOLUA, Marianne BUSO, Solenn THIEURMEL, Juliette WATINE, Oumy FALL and David SCHOENACKER, wheelchair basketball National Sports Director.

In athletics : Timothée ADOLPHE, blind athlete and his guide Fadil BELLAABOUSS.


Arielle BEAUCAMPS, Deputy Mayor of the 6th district in charge of Youth and Sports, Associate in school affairs, opened the event by saying « sport and disability are two major issues that are part of the culture of the 6th district for a long time. This unique event, with the participation of disabled sports champions of the highest level who represented France at the Paralympic Games in Rio, should allow us to demonstrate how sport is a powerful factor of integration, and besides popular belief, a person with disabilities can achieve a level of competence and high level of performance. « 

Numerous institutions, associations and structures involved in the life of the 6th district responded to the invitation of the Mayor of the 6th district and participated in the event:

– Students of the College and the Lycée Montaigne with their teachers;

– Football players category 13/14 years of Pitray-Ollier association;

– Young people and adults accompanied by RESOLUX association;

– Employees of Enedis, partner of the event;

– The University Pierre & Marie Curie and the Sorbonne – Pantheon;

– Members of Devisport association;

– Firefighters of the Colombier barracks.

Residents and visitors of the 6th district also moved in number and have attended and participated in the event which was open to all.

From 10am to 5pm, hundreds of people have been initiated by the champions to wheelchair basketball and disabled athletics living the situation faced by the disabled sports champions.

In athletics, the participants were blind and sprinted connected by a 10 cm link to another person who was guiding them.


Each pair had to achieve the best possible time in order to earn the right to challenge Timothy ADOLPHE and his guide.


In wheelchair basketball, the participants were instructed in the manipulation of the chair, free throws, and attack-defense situations.

capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-34-15     capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-34-25

The best of them then had the privilege of participating in a match with the players of the France team.

capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-38-01     capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-38-08

Jean Pierre Lecoq, Mayor of the 6th district – Vice Chairman of the County Council of Paris – Ile-de-France Regional Councillor, Eric Salomon, Director of Enedis Paris, Alexander VESPERINI, Paris councilor delegate to the environment and sustainable development, Marie-Thérèse LACOMBE, Borough Councillor for Health, and Michael JEREMIASZ, wheelchair tennis champion, flagship of the France Paralympic Team in Rio and Managing Partner of Handiamo! also attended the event.

capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-39-18     capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-39-30

A l’issue de chaque rotation sportive les vainqueurs se sont vu remettre une médaille par la Mairie du 6e arr. ainsi que des récompenses offertes par le partenaire Enedis.

After each rotation, winners were awarded a medal by the Mayor of the 6th district as well as the rewards offered by the Enedis partner.

capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-40-39     capture-decran-2016-10-17-a-14-40-49


Testimony of Joel RETAILLEAU, Director of Cabinet of the Mayor of the 6th district

« A big thank you to the team of Handiamo! and the partner ENEDIS who have made the event a great popular success. »

Testimony of Benoit TARDIF Attached Relations City of Paris in Enedis

« Thank you for everything. Our Director was delighted as well as all Enedis employees who participated! The sun & the public were at the rendezvous. »

Testimony Gerald Leux, Director of the Regional Committee of University Sports of Paris

« The CRSU of Paris Ile-de-France and its president, Jean-François FROUSTEY, wished to thank you for sharing these special moments we spent on Saturday at the Place Saint Sulpice on the occasion of the event ‘Le 6ème Fête la Différence’ !!!

The 3 teams Sorbonne students and Sorbonne University were delighted to participate in this experience and came away enthusiastic and conquered by shared human exchanges.

Thank you to the Mayor of the 6th district and Handiamo! for having thought to involve academics in this great initiative. »

Testimony of Elizabeth Ducroix-TOLLU, President of the association RESOLUX

« On behalf of all the people we coach at RESOLUX, I wanted to thank you for organizing this event.
Everyone was proud and happy to participate!

Testimony of André HEGE, Director of the association RESOLUX

« A big thank you to the team of Handiamo!. The pleasure and the joy of the people we coach was our greatest reward. I share it with all the organizing team. »

Testimony of Jean Philippe LABY, Deputy Principal of the College Montaigne

« I wanted to thank you for your welcome and your listening. Our students were thrilled by sharing experiences around positive values ​​that sports drive and enable to overcome differences. »

Testimony of Cyril DOMINIQUE, Head of Pitray-Olier Association

« Congratulations to Handiamo! and the Mayor of the 6th district of Paris for organizing this beautiful and very rewarding event! »