Team building on team cohesion for managers of Eqiom Granulates

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On January 18, 2018, in the majestic premises of the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, Handiamo! organized a Team Building Team Building for the managers of Eqiom Aggregates as part of their annual seminar.

After a morning warm-up …

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… the managers of Eqiom, under the direction of Michaël JEREMIASZ, discovered two Paralympic disciplines, wheelchair basketball and blind sprint with guide, which they practiced while being put in real situation.

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Through these two sports workshops, the managers of Eqiom Granulats have both been able to work on letting go, develop confidence in each other and strengthen their relationships.

Then came a very rich feedback on what they had experienced and had to put in place to adapt and succeed to be successful individually and as a team.

In-room workshops were then organized to enable Eqiom Granulats managers to get to know each other better and then work better together.

Michaël JEREMIASZ then intervened on team management by sharing his experience as a former top athlete

In particular, he discussed some fundamental principles to respect in order to succeed in working in a team and to perform at the highest level:

– Know how to set quantifiable and achievable goals.

– Succeed in having everyone take ownership of the project and feel responsible for the success of the team.

– Know how to communicate.

– Trust each other.

– Respect rules.

– To know how to question oneself.

This team building day allowed the managers of Eqiom Granulats to exchange in depth, to identify the good and the bad practices in terms of the knowledge to be, and to build a common base of values ​​and fundamentals to respect to allow to the company to continue to develop while promoting the development of each.