Blind soccer


As part of our innovative approach to disability awareness (learn more), we provide companies and local authorities events around the activity of blind soccer that integrate:

– The participation of players from the French blind soccer national team.

– Supervision of sports activities by blind soccer specialists.

– Setting real situation for your company’s employees or the audience as introductory workshops to the different situations experienced on the field by the blind soccer champions.

– An exhibition match between players of the French national team.

– The organization of a match integrating both blind soccer champions and your employees or the audience.

– The organization, if you like, of a conference on the theme of your choice according to the problems you want to broach.

The theme you have chosen will be prepared upstream by the Handiamo! team and also the blind soccer champions involved in the conference, in very close relationship with you HR department and your Disability department.

– The organization of a cocktail after the event for your employees and the public to exchange this qualitatively and without taboos with attending blind soccer champions.

Thanks to our modular sports and educational materials, we adapt the format of the event not only to the areas that you put at our disposal, but also to the extent that you want to give to the disability awareness event.

As an example, discover the disability awareness event that we organized for M6 collaborators.