Sandrine MARTINET changes the outlooks of the ESC students

In order to help change the outlook of ESC Rennes Business School students on disability, the Sports Bureau of ESC Rennes Business School asked Handiamo! to organize a disability awareness event on 20 November 2017 with Sandrine MARTINET, a high-level sportswoman with a disability and Paralympic para-judo champion in Rio.

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The intervention began with a judo demonstration between Sandrine MARTINET and a Handiamo! collaborator black belt of judo.

The ESC Rennes Business School students were then introduced to para-judo by being put in a situation of blindness to live the same handicap situation as that experienced by the Paralympic champion.

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Following this initiation, a conference-debate was organized during which Sandrine MARTINET first traced her life course and describes the various obstacles she has encountered and how she has done to overcome them.
She then explained the processes she has implemented to achieve such a high level of performance in several paralymads, while becoming a physiotherapist and mother!
During her speech Sandrine MARTINET insisted on:
– Ability to rebound morally and physically after injury
– Knowing how to set quantifiable and achievable goals
– The importance of having confidence in yourself and the role of others, especially when you are a person with a disability.

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Impressed by such a course, the students were then able to freely ask their questions to Sandrine MARTINET. A meeting full of lessons and hope for these future managers!

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Testimonial of Emma SIMON, member of the events division of the Sports Office of ESC Rennes Business School: « The whole of my association as well as the administration thanks Handiamo! for this event. The conference was much appreciated and the message was passed. We have raised the mission! «