Maxime THOMAS speaks about performance with BETC employees

BETC, one of the leading advertising and 360 advertising agencies, has turned to Handiamo! to organize an event designed to change the way employees look at people with disabilities and demonstrate that performance and disability are not antithetical.

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The event began with an introduction to para-table tennis hosted by the 2017 European Champion, Maxime THOMAS, and his coach Clément GADEA, coach of the France team. In turn, BETC employees were able to appreciate the difficulty of this discipline and realize how exceptional Maxime THOMAS’s level of play is at the occasion of the exhibitions with his coach.

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A conference-debate then allowed the participants to discover the exceptional career of Maxime THOMAS, how he lived his integration into the professional world and how he managed to perform at the highest level of the world in his sport while achieving success. his professional career.

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At the end of the conference the exchanges continued around a photo shoot with the Paralympic medals won by Maxime THOMAS and personalized dedications.