Maxime THOMAS meets Phone Régie’s managers

On June the 29th of 2017, at the Châteauform Les Mesnuls, Handiamo! organized for the company Phone Régie a disability awareness event for its managers in the framework of a working seminar. The objective of this day was to correlate the notions of adaptation, evolution and performance.

This event started with an exhibition sequence between Maxime THOMAS (individual Bronze medalist in Rio in 2016) and his coach Clément GADEA, thus enabling Phone Régie managers to realize the exceptional level of performance achieved by the champion handisport.

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The managers eventually fell the jacket to live the two situations of handicap corresponding to the two major classifications existing in wheelchair table tennis: standing (with weights weighting and / or splints) and sitting (in a multisport wheelchair ). The more adventurous took their courage in both hands to face the champion in his discipline, in vain.

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A random draw was then organized in which the lucky winner was able to win the official signed racquet of Maxime THOMAS.

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And because the words are just as striking as an impressive demonstration, Maxime THOMAS then transparently revealed his life as a high-level sportsman and entrepreneur, answering the many questions of the admiring managers of a Such course.

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Testimonial of Nicolas Dumont, Head of Communication and Marketing Department at Phone Régie: « Our seminar went perfectly and you contributed greatly! The employees of Phone Régie were conquered by Maxime THOMAS, his coach and the table tennis animation in general. A great story for difference and human diversity that brings together the individualities and clarify our horizons. Bravo for your work and long life in Handiamo! «