Manon GENEST meets ENGIE Cofely’s « Talent Women »

At the request of ENGIE Cofely, Manon GENEST, 2016 Paratriathlon World Champion, took part on 3 October 2017 with ENGIE Cofely employees during a conference on leadership.

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After reviewing her incredible life course, Manon GENEST described her Health and Safety Engineer activity and what she faced in a very technical and masculine environment.

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Manon then spoke about the actions she would take in a company, if she was the leader, to promote the inclusion of women in a technical and male environment and their access to positions of responsibility.

Jean Pierre MONEGER, General Manager of ENGIE Cofely, and Manon GENEST closed the presentation by talking to the ENGIE Cofely managers present and answering their questions.

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At the end of the conference, ENGIE Cofely employees, who found Manon GENEST « very inspiring », were able to have their pictures taken and continue to exchange ideas with her.

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