Let’s talk about disability with Adecco!

September 7, 2017 was marked by a commitment to the permanent employees of the headquarters of the Adecco group based in Villeurbanne, who proudly brandished their slogan « All H-committed ». The Human Resources Department of the Adecco Group had asked Handiamo! to design a disability awareness event through the practice of sport and the participation of Paralympic champions to demonstrate the employees that Disability and Performance are perfectly compatible.

Challenge more than successful for the teams in charge of Mission Handicap since 250 employees (a quarter of the headquarters !!) have registered to participate in the event and practice handi-judo and tennis chair framed by the champions Paralympics Sandrine MARTINET (gold medalist in handi-judo in Rio) and Michaël JEREMIASZ (gold medalist in tennis chair in Beijing and flag bearer of the French team at the Rio Paralympic Games), with a total winning of 7 Paralympic medals.

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The judoka apprentices were thus placed in a situation of non-clairvoyance in order to live the same situation of handicap as that lived by Sandrine MARTINET and were initiated to the disability through different workshops (learning of the fall back, games of opposition between the opponents …).

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In wheelchair tennis, Michaël JEREMIASZ unveiled to the collaborators of Adecco the tips to move in armchair more easily with a tennis racket in the hand and to succeed to make exchanges.

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The sports activities and the pedagogical approach put in place were unanimous among the Adecco employees who were able to appreciate the difficulty of these sports practices and the level of performance achieved by these high level athletes.

This was followed by a panel discussion on the theme « Handicap invisible – Handicap & Performance » hosted by the two Paralympic champions.

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Testimony from Christine COSNARD, Head of Handicap and Diversity at The Adecco Group: « Thank you to the Handiamo team! for the quality of your animation and your professionalism. Everybody was conquered by your kindness, the humility and simplicity of the champions and the quality of the scenarios as evidenced by the verbatim below which is only a small sample of all the enthusiastic returns I have had since Thursday! Many returns also praising the quality of the speeches during the conference and appreciating the direct speech, without taboo and very motivating champions. A real lesson for all! All our objectives have been met. It is a great launch for my action with our permanent staff and I intend to capitalize on the fallout of this event and try to organize similar events on other sites. »

Testimony of Delphine COLMART, Controller of management at The Adecco Group: « It is at the same time very convivial and very destabilizing! Other sensations are discovered. It is true that we often talk about disability without living it. This allows us to understand how much the disabled have to adapt to the everyday. »

Testimony of Régis GACHET, Planning Manager Adecco training: « I feel an enormous respect for all those who practice disability. We forgot the handicap because we were all the same. It is a great initiative on the part of the Group which allows us to have a good time while bringing the teams together. »