Lecture « Performance & Disability » for Christian Dior Couture

As part of the international day of disability on December the 3rd of 2015, and in the extension of its actions during the SEPH , Christian Dior Couture asked Handiamo! to organize in the registered office of the company a lecture on  » Performance & Handicap « .


The goal set by the leaders of Christian Dior Couture was not only to sensitize their employees on disability, but also to show, through a concrete example, how a person with a disability has managed to become very efficient , both professionally and sportingly .

It is in this context that Cyril MORÉ , quintuple Paralympic champion in wheelchair fencing, world champion of handiski and sports sponsorship manager at ERDF, spoke to the employees of Christian Dior Couture, in the presence of Emmanuelle FAVRE (Director of Human Resources), David Morin (Director of Personnel and Social Affairs) and Clarisse WELSH (in charge of Mission Handicap and CSR) .


Following the broadcast of a film about his career, Cyril MORÉ addressed the main obstacles he encountered in his career and explained how he managed to overcome them.


He then described the process he set to get successful sports results at the highest global level over time.

He also explained how he managed to reconcile his sporting career and his professional career, how sport has been an engine for his professional career, and on the other hand how having an occupation was an asset to get one of the most beautiful french disabled sports record .

Christian Dior Couture’s employees asked many questions to Cyril MORÉ .

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The exchange continued in an informal and friendly way with a photo and dedications session, and around a cocktail buffet .

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