Lecture of Manon GENEST for the DSI of Pole Emploi

On 16 November 2017, as part of the SEEPH (European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities), the DSI (IT Systems Department) of Pôle Emploi called Handiamo! to organize a conference-debate on the theme « Disability and Performance », a conference whose objective was to break the codes of representation of employees of the DSI of Pôle Emploi on people with disabilities.

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In order to enable the DSI of Pôle Emploi to reach the set objective, Handiamo! called Manon GENEST, Paratriathlon World Champion and also Occupational Health and Safety Engineer at the Office of Risk Prevention for the Ministry of Defense, whose very masculine professional environment is close to that of the DSI of Pôle Emploi.

So that the 1,600 employees of the DSI of Pôle Emploi can follow the intervention of Manon GENEST, the conference was broadcast live in video on all 15 sites of the DSI of Pôle Emploi distributed on the French territory.

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After testifying about her incredible career path and her exceptional success, both sporting and professional, Manon GENEST explained how her experience was transferable to a company such as the DSI of Pôle Emploi, focusing in particular on three essential points for her:

– Managers in companies must stop recruiting only people who look like them, even if it is reassuring, because it impoverishes the wealth of the team.

– Recruiting a person with a disability, just like recruiting a woman in a very masculine world, can bring balance within a team, another vision of things, a different look at issues, a way of address problems differently.

– That diversity is a guarantee of balance and that says balance says success!

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Employees of Pôle Emploi, whether in the provinces or in the room, were then able to pose freely and without taboos their questions to Manon GENEST who responded with the greatest transparency.

The exchanges then continued around a cocktail party during which Manon GENEST continued to answer the many questions put to her, employees of the DSI of Pôle emploi having been marked by her intervention which was, according to some, a real source of inspiration!

Testimonials :

« Congratulations Manon. I am particularly pleased to hear you say that the disability situation can be a plus when recruiting or organizing a team. It’s a petal of the diversity and richness of a team. May your good words have a lasting effect and affect those who could not attend the conference. The presents are acquired and conquered! Thank you ».

« Thank you again for your intervention. We feel refreshed! ».

« Thank you for your testimony, it boosted me! ».

« Thank you for this testimony, you gave me a lot of strength. »

« A very beautiful experience of life, optimism, dignity and combativeness … Falling twice … and getting up 3 times … always higher. One of the most diverse, dynamic and motivating testimonials I’ve ever heard … «