Interventions of handisport champions in the context of a seminar organized by Sodiaal at INSEP

As part of a training seminar organized by Sodiaal at INSEP, the managers of Sodiaal asked Handiamo! to bring in several handisport champions to testify on their courses and to exchange with their collaborators.

Manon GENEST (Paratriathlete, 2016 Paratriathlon World Champion), Trésor MAKUNDA (athlete with visual impairment, multi medalist at the Paralympic Games and World Championships in 100m, 200m and 400m), Yannick IFEBE (wheelchair fencer, gold medalist at Paralympic Games of Rio), Samir GOUTALI (member of the French basketball team), Fabrice MORGADO (blind, member of the French team of Cécifoot), and Yvan WOUANDJI (Team of France of Cécifoot) initially explained their course and how they had managed to rebound and become champions in their sports discipline.


They then answered the questions asked by Sodiaal employees.

Each champion then moved to a table where he was able to continue exchanging more thoroughly throughout the evening with the Sodiaal employees.


Testimony of Hugues FERRIER, Head of Human Resources at Sodiaal

« I would like to thank you for your intervention during the Sodiaal School Day of December 7 at INSEP. The participation of the handisport champions that you allowed us to meet was unanimously appreciated by all the attending people: the feedback we received is more than positive and the participants welcomed a real « lesson of life ». The personal paths, the modesty and the humor of these extraordinary athletes have radiated throughout the evening and dinner. We are very pleased to have shared this special and inspiring moment for all of us. « 

Testimony of Claire ALGRAIN, Head of Communication at Sodiaal

« We had a great time with all the disabled champions who were present and who made us dream by their performances and their talents.

The feedback we have had on this evening and exchanges which continued were unanimously positive and enthusiastic.

Still thank you for this evening and these beautiful encounters. »