Inauguration of the Sandrine Martinet gym in Varennes-Jarcy

On 11 March 2017, Handiamo! organized for the city of Varennes-Jarcy, an event of handi-judo in the presence of the champion Sandrine MARTINET in the framework of the baptism of the gymnasium of Varennes-Jarcy. It is now named Sandrine MARTINET (gold medalist at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016, silver medalist at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing and Athens in 2004).

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The objective set by the Town Hall of Varennes-Jarcy was to create, as part of the Women’s Day, a moment of sharing and conviviality between a great disabled champion and the inhabitants of Varennes-Jarcy.

More than 200 inhabitants of Varennes-Jarcy have moved and have had the privilege of attending or participating (on a voluntary basis) in a judo class in a situation of no-seeing animated by the Paralympic champion.

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After being introduced to judo handisport, three young judokas were able to challenge the champion.

Two exhibition fights were organized, which saw Sandrine MARTINET face Laetitia Charles (valid European champion), as well as a judoka black belt. A twirling show!

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At the end of this exhibition, the inhabitants of Varennes-Jarcy were able to freely ask their questions to Sandrine MARTINET.

Mr. Jean Marc JUBAULT, Mayor of Varennes-Jarcy, then unveiled the plaque bearing the name of Sandrine MARTINET displayed on the city sports complex.

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The champion has finally lent itself to the game of dedications and photos for the pleasure of apprentices judokas.

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Testimony of Nienke GERMAIN (Municipal Councilor of Varennes-Jarcy):

« I wanted to thank the Handiamo teams! who, thanks to their experience, have succeeded in establishing a fine program. The entertainment was perfect ».