Event for ACA clients and employees

As part of its « Users Club » day during which more than 120 customers and 30 employees were invited, the company ACA asked Handiamo! to organize a conference on « Management of break – Adaptability and innovation » and an innovative disability awareness event.

It is in this context Handiamo! organized a conference and a disability awareness event around the Paralympic Athletics with the presence of blind athletics champion Timothée ADOLPHE, and his guide Fadil BELLAABOUSS.

The event took place September 29, 2016 at Châteauform’ located in the premises of La Défense CNIT.


During the conference the guests of ACA were enable to:

– Relive the 400m run by Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide at the Paralympic Games in Rio;

– Understand how Timothée ADOLPHE successfully manage the different breaking situations he has faced in his career;

– Discover the innovative solutions he set up with his team to become effective at the highest global level;

– Making the parallel between the relationships Timothée ADOLPHE has with his guide and those the ACA company has with its customers and its employees.

capture-decran-2016-10-11-a-14-48-26     capture-decran-2016-10-11-a-14-48-40

Following the conference, the guests of ACA were able to test how being blind and guided by another person felt like.


A competition was held among the various pairs formed, pairs who competed to win the right to face Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide in seeking to achieve the best chronometric time possible.

capture-decran-2016-10-11-a-14-50-38     capture-decran-2016-10-11-a-14-50-51

All participants agreed that living the blind situation in these sprint conditions was very impressive, and that it has enabled them not only to discover the problems that a blind person is facing, but especially to realize the very high level of performance that a person with disabilities as Timothée ADOLPHE is able to achieve.

To conclude the event, Timothée ADOLPHE offered to the winners of the sprint competition his autographed t-shirts and also dedicated to each of the guests and employees of the ACA a book that was dedicated to him and which was published in May 2016.


Testimony of Violaine CRETTE, ACA Head of Communication

« We wanted to thank the team of Handiamo!, Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide for this wonderful action and entertainment that you made during the ACA Users Day. »