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You want to support the career of a high-level disabled athlete and integrate this action to your communication strategy and your HR policy ?

Handiamo! helps you to identify the athlete that suits your brand and business specificities.
For each athlete, Handiamo! Create an accurate diagnosis of his career, skills (sporty and professional), needs and expectations.

Handiamo! offers personalized partnership beteween the company and the high-level disabled athlete, partnership that allow you :

1) For internal communication and human ressources :

– Enable your employees to live a great human and sporting adventure ;
– To change the look of your managers and employees on disability in demystifying and breaking the a priori ;
– Prove your employees that we can be very efficient while being disabled ;
– To involve the high-level disabled athlete you support as a speaker ;
– To organize events for your employees around the sport practiced by the high-level disabled athlete, in which he will participate ;
– Developing the exchange of experience and facilitating the support of your employees in their declaration of their disability to the Mission Handicap ;
– Encourage your managers to recruit new employees with disabilities ;
– Culturally enrich your business by developing a culture of difference, diversity and performance ;
– Develop your business in consideration of the uniqueness of each as managerial technique ;
– Enhance and develop your HR and CSR policy.

2) For external communication :

– Develop your committed and responsible image ;
– To contribute giving a modern and innovative image to your company ;
– To globally use the image of the disabled champion ;
– To integrate your brand on all the communication spots of the athlete (clothes, website, Facebook, Twitter) ;
– To give your company a new visibility on new territories ;
– To give more meaning to your work and communication ;
– To feed your commitment in disability ;
– To promote your CSR brand.


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