Credit: @FFT in association with @Adecco and @Babolat 


In order to help changing the looks on disability and the relationships and practices between disabled people and those with disabilities, Handiamo! offers businesses an innovative event approach.

Each event organized by Handiamo! integrates the presence and intervention of disabled champions.

Our participatory and innovative approach breaks down barriers and codes. It enables managers and employees of companies to address disability so differentiating, by providing both fun and excitement.

1/ A participatory approach around sport

All events organized by Handiamo! start with a sport role-playing in the discipline of the attending disabled athletes.
Sport unites, creates a rupture and breaks codes and stereotypes about people with disabilities.
This sporting moment can show that a person with disabilities has many talents and can be very effective.

2/ A qualitative and customized approach through a panel discussion on the issue you want to address

Companies face various problems on the subject of disability according to their areas of activity.

That’s why every theme that the company wants to see addressed by the disabled athletes involved as speakers, is worked upstream by the Handiamo! teams and the disabled athletes attending the event.

Themes we worked on : “Management of break – Adaptability and innovation”, “Performance and disability”, “Crisis management and bouncing back”, “Confidence in yourself and in the other”, “How to become performant by working in team”, “How to turn a weakness into a strength”, “How to assert your talent and leadership when you are a woman with a disability”…

3/ A humane and friendly approach that allows a rare quality of exchange

Our events always end with a cocktail lunch or dining area that allows exchanges without taboos between disabled athletes and employees of the company present.

Moment of warmth and closeness is fundamental to our approach because it allows quality and extreme sincerity exchange experiences.

4/ An approach and disability awareness events that you can share with all your employees, on different sites

Handiamo! offers, if you want, the possibility to live stream through satellite connection the disability awareness event you are organizing in order to involve all your employees on different sites, in France and abroad.

A video summing up the event is included in the package.


– Allow managers and employees of companies to change their perception of disability in demystifying and dropping the a priori.

– Show the managers and employees of companies that when the conditions are met, it is possible to be very efficient although disabilities.

– Develop the exchange of experiences and facilitate the training of your employees in the statement of disability from your Disability Mission.

– Encourage managers of companies to recruit new employees with disabilities.

– Enrich culturally companies developing their culture of difference, diversity and performance.

– Develop within companies taking into account the uniqueness of each as managerial technique.