Disability awareness for Assystem at Villeurbane Astroballe

After making discover Paris & Toulouse Assystem employees wheelchair tennis, para-equestrian dressage and wheelchair table tennis, Handiamo! organized on october the 1st of 2015 for Lyon area employees a disability awareness event at the Villeurbanne Astroballe, which has been privatized for the occasion.


Six players of the French wheelchair basketball national team (Audrey CAYOL, Samir GOUTALI, Frédéric GUYOT, Nicolas JOUANSERRE, Jérôme LAURERI, Ludovic SARRON), the national wheelchair basketball sports director and French national team coach (David SCHOENACKER), 4 players of the Lyon Métropole wheelchair basketball (with Oumy FALL member of the French women wheelchair basketball national team), two professional players from ASVEL (Jean Charles LIVIO, David LIGHTY), the ASVEL coach assistant (TJ PARKER, Tony PARKER’s brother) and the ASVEL fitness trainer (Manuel LACROIX) attended the event.

Assystem employees followed a wheelchair basketball initiation by the French national team members through various exercices (dribbles, free throw, attack-defense).

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A match involving players from the French wheelchair basketball national team, employees of Assytem and professional ASVEL players was then held under the audience’s applause.

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A free throws contest was then organized between Nicolas JOUANSERRE from French national wheelchair basketball team and David LIGHTY ASVEL professional player, contest won by the French national wheelchair basketball team player!!

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An exhibition game between French national wheelchair basketball team and Lyon Métropole wheelchair basketball team ended the sports animations in front of the hundreds of Assystem’s employees and clients present, impressed by the physical engagement and the spectacular aspect of wheelchair basketball.

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A panel discussion was then held on the topic “Crisis management and how to bounce back”, conference at which the champions of wheelchair basketball explained how they had managed not only the period when they experienced their situation of disability, but also how they did bounce back and become the top athletes they are today. Many parallels were made between their backgrounds and Assystem, where employees are always challenged and constantly trying to find solutions to their clients problems.

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The evening ended around a dining cocktail where the French national wheelchair basketball team players and Assystem employees & clients were able to share in a more intimate setting. This time allowed everyone to share his impressions on the experience, and all the guests left with autographed photos of the disabled champions.

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” We know how sport is a strong awareness tool. As a company, we consider that it is our responsibility to bring our contribution to the society’s evolution towards diversity subjects – disability, equality, professional coeducation.  The success of this disability awareness event around wheelchair basketball can only encourage us on this path” Emmanuelle CAPIEZ said, Assystem Group Human Ressources Director.