Disability awareness events for LCL

The leaders of LCL asked Handiamo! to organize disability awareness events around the wheelchair fencing activity, based on the presence of Ludovic LEMOINE, a collaborator of LCL who is a recent Bronze medalist at the Rio Paralympic Games.

Three events were organized on 13-14 and 15 December 2016 in the historic sites of LCL so that a maximum of collaborators could attend and participate:

– At 18 LCL in Lyon, former head office of the company.


– At the LCL Boulevard des Italiens in Paris.


– In Villejuif at the new head office.


The objective set by the managers of LCL was to help changing the views of their employees on disability, while highlighting LCL’s support (through working time arrangements) to the fencing champions employed by LCL.

Ludovic LEMOINE (France team captain and Bronze medalist at the Rio Paralympic Games), and Yannick IFEBE (gold medalist at the Rio Paralympic Games, individual European champion and team world champion) events.


All of LCL’s employees and LCL’s customers were able to:

– Be initiated into wheelchair fencing by wheelchair fencing champions and fencing masters Thierry METAIS (fencing master of Ludovic LEMOINE), Guillaume DUBREUIL and Denis MARIETTE, as well as Marc-André CRATERE member of the armchair fencing champions The French team of armchair fencing.


– Challenge (for the most reckless) champions handisport during assaults in 10 keys.


– Attend exhibition assaults between wheelchair fencing champions. The event organized at 19 LCL was an opportunity for LCL employees and customers to attend a rare moment and spectacle: an assault between a valid champion in Rio (Jean Paul TONY – HELISSEY, ‘Silver in Rio’) and a champion handisport also medalist in Rio (Ludovic LEMOINE), both collaborators of the LCL. Sophie MORISSEE-PICHOT (gold medalist in fencing at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996) and LCL collaborator also took part in the event by refereeing certain assaults.


– Question the champions present freely and without any taboo.

– Have the photos taken with the champions and their Olympic and Paralympic medals.

These three events, which touched several hundred LCL employees, gave rise to very strong moments of sharing and contributed to changes in the look, relationship and practices between « able-bodied » people and people with disabilities.