Disability awareness for the Student Health Foundation of France at the center Edouard Rist

VB-1172Handiamo! held during the week of the employment of people with disabilities a disability awareness event for the Student Health Foundation of France (FSEF) attended by two champions in wheelchair fencing: Alim LATRECHE (the FSEF supports his sports project to the Paralympic Games in Rio) and Ludovic LEMOINE.

VB-1244This event was hosted by the Handiamo team! and Cyril MORE, quadruple Paralympic champion in wheelchair fencing and handiski champion.




– Demonstrate that we can be efficient while with disabilities
– Develop exchanges of experiences
– Allow to change the looks and behavior towards people with disabilities

VB-1265FSEF collaborators of the Edouard RIST center have discovered and practiced fencing in a wheelchair, advised, coached and refereed by the champions present.

They were also able to attend a great show during the exhibition match organized between Alim LATRECHE and Ludovic LEMOINE and refereed by Cyril MORE.

A panel discussion led the employees of the FSEF to discover the path of the champions, how they managed to overcome the difficulties they encountered and how they have developed to become efficient at the highest level.

VB-1054After a photo shoot and dedications, the exchange extended with a friendly and informal discussion around a lunch cocktail.

Testimony of Marina MAGNAN, FSEF Communication Director :

« We want to thank the whole Handiamo! team for their professionalism and quality of organization of the event at RIST today. A big thank you to the athletes for their kindness, their availability, their speech filled with values ​​and their sportsmanship. «