Disability awareness event for the Seita employees

November 14, 2016 Handiamo! organized an event to raise awareness of disability around the activity of disability table tennis for the Seita employees in Paris at their premises.


Thu KAMKASOMPHOU, world No. 2 and twice gold medalist at the Paralympic Games, and Maxime THOMAS, world No. 3 and bronze medalist at the Rio Paralympic Games, hosted the event with their coaches Véronique PRIGENT and Eric ANGLES .

After practicing table tennis in the same disability situations as those experienced by the two champions, Seita’s co-workers were able to face Thu KAMKASOMPHOU and Maxime THOMAS and realized their exceptional level of play.


The two champions then carried out, with their coaches, a demonstration of training sequences which impressed all the participants.


At the end of the sporting part of the event, two participants were lucky enough to be drawn to win the signed champions’ racket.


Seita collaborators were able to ask their questions during a conference on « Disability and Performance ».


The event ended with a photo opportunity with the champions and their Paralympic medals, followed by personalized signings.


Testimony of Natacha NGUYEN, HR Development Assistant at Seita

« We have had very good feedback from our staff. It was a really good disability awareness event. «