Disability awareness for M6 employees

Following the conference « Performance and Disability » organized by M6 with Trésor Makunda, M6 Human Resources Director and Head of Mission Handicap wished to extend their employees disability awareness by asking Handiamo! to organize an event on track with Trésor Makunda and his guide.

On November the 25th of 2015, Handiamo! has organized for M6 employees a disability awareness event around Paralympic Athletics on the stadium located on the Ile de Puteaux, close to M6 premises.

Trésor Makunda, blind multi-medalist athlete in the Paralympic Games and Paralympic World champion in 100m, 200m and 400m, accompanied by one of his guides, Enzo Retory, attended and animated the event.


Trésor Makunda and his guide first led a physical warm-up session putting M6 employees in the position of blind couples – guide.

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Within each pair, an M6 collaborator became blind by wearing completely opaque glasses, the other was wearing  a guide chasuble. They were both connected by a 10cm link.

At the half of the physical warm-up, each pair have changed roles so that everyone can fully absorb the specificities of each situation.


A 60m competition has then been held between bling – guide couples, formed by M6 employees.

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The two fastest couples won the right to face, still as blind – guide couple, Trésor Makunda his and guide on 60m and to challenge them on 100m into valid individual sprinter situation.

All M6 employees played the game and gave 100%.

T1     T2

Runs lead to intense moments!


The initiation in competition conditions left an impact on all employees minds, who are now aware of the difficulties faced by blind people, but also the exceptional level of performance achieved by Trésor Makunda and his guide who won with several meters ahead both races-challenge.

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After the event, M6 employees were able to ask their questions without any taboo to Trésor Makunda and his guide. They received cards autographed personally by Trésor Makunda and his guide.

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