Disability awareness event for EDF Energies Nouvelles employees

As part of the 2016 SEEPH 2016, EDF Energies Nouvelles leaders asked Handiamo! to organize for their employees and managers in Colombiers a disability awareness event around the table tennis activity.


Thu KAMKASOMPHOU, world No. 2 and double gold medalist at the Paralympic Games, hosted the event with his coach Véronique PRIGENT.

An exhibition training sequence was initially organized between Thu KAMKASOMPHOU and her coach to make EDF Energies Nouvelles employees aware of the exceptional level of performance that a person with a disability can reach.


The employees of EDF Energies Nouvelles were then placed in a disability situation with weights of 2kg at the level of each ankle (the situation corresponding to the disability experienced by the champion), as well as in an wheelchair.

They were then able to play disable table tennis in a real situation but also playful because each scenario ended with a match.


At the end of these situations, some EDF Energies Nouvelles employees, in a valid situation this time, were able to challenge the world No. 2 disability table tennis through games of 10 points.


A random draw was then organized between the participants to designate the collaborator who would win the dedicated racket of Thu KAMKASOMPHOU.


The intervention ended with an exchange of experiences between Thu KAMKASOMPHOU and her coach who answered questions asked by EDF Energies Nouvelles employees.


Testimonial of Emilie ROUDIL, in charge of CSR Mission at EDF Energies Nouvelles

« We had very good feedback from the event organized by Handiamo!

The Chairman and CEO of EDF Energies Nouvelles Services congratulated in person the Mission Handicap for this moment of sharing and exchanges around sport and disability.

Many collaborators also came to congratulate and thank the Mission Handicap for this event and the fact of being able to meet such a champion and to play under its directives.

At the level of Mission Handicap we particularly appreciated:

– The very good organization and management of the time of the event.

– The opportunity to meet and exchange with such an exceptional champion.

– The availability, dynamism and passion of Thu KAMKASOMPHOU who also made people laugh with his jokes.

– A better understanding and apprehension of invisible disability (many did not know it before).

– Having understood the difficulties that people with disabilities can experience by testing in real situations the situations during exchanges with table tennis.

The objectives of the Disability Mission of EDF EN have therefore been fully achieved «