Disability awareness for Christian Dio Couture employees

On November the 18th of 2015, Handiamo! has organized at Blois, for the Christian Dior Couture employees, a disability awareness event around wheelchair fencing.

The goal set by Christian Dior Couture directors was to change the look of their employees on people with disabilities and to demonstrate that disability could rhyme with performance and competence.


Ludovic Lemoine (captain of France and medalist at the Paralympic Games of London), Alim Latrèche (triple medalist at the Paralympic Games in London) and Cyril Moré (quintuple Paralympic champion) participated and animated the event.

All Christian Dior Couture employees have first been initiated by Paralympic champions to wheelchair fencing. They were able to discover the specificities of the sport and the physical, technical and mental qualities it requires.

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All have insisted on the fact that they did not expect wheelchair fencing to be that physical. They also emphasized the playful aspect of the discipline.

After this initiation, Christian Dior Couture employees could challenge the Paralympic champions on several assaults.

The assaults resulted in engaged face offs with the encouragement and applause from Christian Dior Couture employees.

After being put in a situation, being coached by disabled sports champions, then challenged, all Christian Dior Couture employees recognized they had totally forgotten that the three champions were disabled people. They had especially noticed their skills, their availability and their pedagogy.

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So they can better realize the very high level of performance achieved by wheelchair fencing champions, an exhibition match was held between Ludovic Lemoine and Alim Latrèche, arbitrated and commented by Cyril Moré.

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After this exhibition, Christian Dior Couture employees were able to ask their questions without any taboo to the Paralympic champions.

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The event ended with a photo and personalized dedications session around a cocktail buffet.


Testimony of David Morin, Director of Personnel and Social Affairs at Christian Dior Couture :

« I wanted again to thank the whole team of Handiamo! for the organization and implementation of the awareness campaign on disability to the attention of our logistics teams on November the 18th. The event on the theme of disability and sport performance has once again brought the demonstration that the two concepts were fully compatible and sources of diversity, sharing a common goal to go further in integrating differences and acceptance.

A big thank you to the Dream Team composed by Cyril, Alim and Ludovic who were able to vibrate our teams throughout the day and to make them live, during a day, the dream of Olympism ».

« We called upon Handiamo! for an awareness event held during the Disability Week. This day around wheelchair fencing was an excellent way to educate our staff on disability and the concept of performance. In addition to the discovery of disability sports and wheelchair fencing, the employees particularly appreciated the exchange with accessible and engaging sportsmen. The dynamism and investment of the entire team of Handiamo! helped to bring our message and to make an impression » said after the event Clarisse GALLOIS, in charge of Mission Handicap and CSR at Christian Dior Couture.

Several employees of Christian Dior Couture already exchanged on Facebook after the event with wheelchair fencing champions to thank them and to keep abreast of their sports program and deadlines that will lead them on the road to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games .

Shots of exchanges on social networks between Christian Dior Couture employees and wheelchair fencing champions following the event:

« Today I had the great joy of discovering wheelchair fencing with Cyril Moré, Alim Latrèche and Ludovic Lemoine, wheelchair fencingParalympic champions. I could perform an assault against Ludovic Lemoine, I lost 15-7 but what a joy to play a match against Ludo. Thank you to all three for this beautiful meeting, your presence, your attention and your availability. And special thank to Ludo for my arm bruise, I had bet it: souvenir! ». A. A.

« Beautiful experience lived with Ludovic Lemoine as a coach. I discovered wheelchair fencing. I lost my assault 10 to 9. I have taken the game. It was tough. We forget your disability. You are very nice. Congratulations and thank you to you 3. Good luck for Rio 2016 Games! « . M. L.

« Thank you Cyril. A great meeting at Dior yesterday. The joy of living that you have all three will remain forever in my heart ». S.P.