Disability awareness for Assystem in Toulouse

On January the 29th of 2015, Handiamo! organised a disability awareness event for Asssytem’s Mission Handicap in their walls in Toulouse, around table tennis with two wheelchair table tennis champions and their coaches.


Thu Kamkasomphou, world N°1 and double Gold Paralympic medalist, her coach Véronique Prigent, Maxime Thomas, world N°3 mondial and Bronze Paralympic medalist, his coach Eric Angles, animated the event and the conference.

The 85 attending collaborators of Assystem practised table tennis and lived the disabilities of the champions (weights on their ankles for Thu’s disability and in a wheelchair for Maxime’s).


Following these playful simulations, Assystem’s collaborators (among which are excellent table tennis players) faced the two champions and their coaches.


At the end of the games, the two champions showed their training skills with their coaches. The incredible level left a mark in Assystem’s collaborators minds. These training sessions showed how disabled athletes are high-level athletes, as well as valid champions.


A conference – debate was then held on the theme « Crisis management and how to bounce back », the two disabled champions present have become disabled during their lives.


During the dining cocktail which ended the event, Assystem’s collaborators have lengthily discussed with the champions and their coaches.

The accessibility and the natural of Thu Kamkasomphou and Maxime Thomas left a mark in Assystem employees’ minds. They were given personalized dedications of the two champions and were also able to have their picture taken with the champions and the Paralympic medals.


Testions of Mylène Guérin, Human Resources Manager at Assystem :

« As part of our partnership, we sought Handiamo! to create an awareness event to the attention of our staff and managers to disability issues.

We had the chance to meet two of the best players in the world of disabled table tennis with their coaches and have had the opportunity to talk with them about their experiences and their ability to bounce back. The employees have all stressed the quality of the service and exchanges made during the evening.

Again, listening skills, understanding and availability of Handiamo!’s team have achieved an event that was perfect for our culture and allowed us to demonstrate our willingness to involve « disability » to « performance » but also the « transcendence ».

It is our differences that contribute to our success. »