Disability awareness for Acticall in Rouen

On november the 6th of 2014, Handiamo! organized a disability awareness event for Acticall around wheelchair fencing.

The event took place inside the walls of Acticall in Rouen in order to reach as many collaborators as possible.

The objective targeted by Acticall was to change the way managers and collaborators of the company see people with disabilities by showing them how performant those people can be.


Alim Latrèche (three time medalist during the London Paralympic Games), Ludovic Lemoine (French team captain and medalist during the London Paralympic Games) and Cyril Moré (five time Gold medalist during the Paralympic Games in wheelchair fencing, and currently member of the handiski french team) were involved in this event, as well as Camille Delarue, fencer and collaborator of Acticall, recently France vice-champion in inter-company fencing.

Acticall’s collaborators were first taught fencing by the disabled champions who made them discover the specifities of this sport as well as the technics and physics assets it requires.


At the end of this initiation (almost 50 collaborators of Acticall practised wheelchair fencing), Acticall’s collaborators were able to face the wheelchair fencing champions through real assaults.

An exhibition has then been organised between Camille Delarue and Ludovic Lemoine and then Alim Latrèche, assaults being umpired by Cyril Moré.

During these assaults, attending spectators have realised the level of performance reached by these wheelchair fencing champions.

The attendance of several good level fencers among Acticall’s collaborators gave this event a particular sporting dimension, which enabled the people to appreciate the true value of the level reached by the champions.

The sporting part of the event has generated several relevant questions asked to the disabled champions by the collaborators.

The exchange was followed by a dining cocktail where Acticall’s collaborators appreciated the good personalities of Alim Latrèche, Ludovic Lemoine and Cyril Moré.


They all underlined, beyond their sporting high level and their quality of intervention, their disponibility and enthusiasm.