« Disability and performance » conference for patient-students and CMPA employees

At the request of the Medical and Pedagogical Center for Adolescents of the FSEF in Neufmoutiers-en-Brie, Handiamo! organized in the presence of Sandrine MARTINET, Paralympic champion of disabled in Rio, a conference on the theme « Disability and Performance ».

The goal set by the CMPA leaders was both to demonstrate that performance and disability were completely compatible, and at the same time to establish a constructive exchange between a handicap champion and the CMPA patient-pupils, themselves affected by a handicap , Whether motor or psychic.

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After discovering the various works carried out by CMPA patient-students to her attention, Sandrine MARTINET participated in the « Disability and Performance » conference, describing her journey, the obstacles it encountered, but also the solutions it has put in place to achieve such a level of athletic performance, while flourishing in his private and professional life. A beautiful message of hope for these patient-students with disabilities.

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At the end of the conference, patient-students and collaborators of the CMPA were able to ask their questions without any taboo to Sandrine MARTINET.

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As a result of these exchanges, patient-students and collaborators of the CMPA were able to attend a judo handisport initiation led by Sandrine MARTINET, to which two CPAM volunteers participated by being visually impaired.

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The event ended with a personalized photo and dedication session.

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Testimony of the patient-students and collaborators of the CMPA on the experience they experienced through the conference and the event organized:

Alexandre THIEBAULT (Director of the CMPA of Neufmoutiers-en-Brie): « And again a big thank you to Handiamo! for this beautiful day. « 

Alexis (patient-student of the CMPA): « Meeting Sandrine MARTINET greatly helped me. Now I see my handicap with more distance. It has given me hope and I am convinced that I can get away with it just as it has done so well. «