Conference « How to reconcile Handicap – Performance and Teamwork »

At their Annual General Meeting held in Agen on 17 November 2016, the managers of the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie du Lot et Garonne asked Handiamo! to organize a conference for the 280 employees present on the theme « How to become effective while working as a team », while linking it to the notion of handicap.

It is in this context that Handiamo! took part Timothée ADOLPHE (European champion in 100m and 200m, 100m, 200m and 400m European recordmaker) and his guide Fadil BELLAABOUSS, as well as Sami el GUEDDARI (former top athlete Level and consultant for France Télévision during the Rio Paralympic Games).


During their intervention, Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide Fadil BELLAABOUSS particularly emphasized:

– Their journey and how they were led to work together.

– The team gathered around Timothée ADOLPHE, how he built it and how it works.

– Teamwork between the blind athlete and his guide, with his specificities.

– The key elements that allow the team trained by the blind athlete and his guide to perform at the highest level.

– The qualities to develop to be an athlete easy to guide and to be a good guide (making the parallel with the relationship Manager – Collaborator).

– Mistakes not to commit to be successful in working as a team.

Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide then answered the numerous questions asked by the collaborators of the CPAM of Agen.

A photo and dedication session was then organized at the end of the conference.

Testimony of Sabrina SAUVIAC, Head of Communication Department of the CPAM of Agen

« I want to thank you and especially Timothy ADOLPHE, Fadil BELLAABOUSS and Sami EL GUEDDARI for their testimony. This conference was highly appreciated. Thanks again « .

Testimony of Delphine VERRI, Communication Department of the CPAM of Agen

« A very good time spent in company of Timothée ADOLPHE and Fadil BELLAABOUSS, a beautiful lesson of life in all humility. Bravo Gentlemen, you remain within the reach of all and your values ​​within the reach of each one if we give ourselves the means as you have so well expressed!

Successfully captivating an audience as you did is a performance commensurate with your talent! Thank you very much for this warm conference. «