Conference « How to become effective while working in a team » for Enedis

Following the event « Le 6e Fête la Différence » organized by Handiamo! for the City Hall of the 6th arr. in partnership with Enedis, the managers of Enedis Paris asked Handiamo! to organize a conference for their collaborators on the theme « How to become effective while working in a team » with the participation of Timothée ADOLPHE and one of his guides Fadil BELLAABOUSS.


The objective set by Enedis managers was to make their employees aware of disability, while exposing the methods put in place by a blind athlete and his team (guides, coach, medical staff, manager) to perfom at the world highest level.


Following the broadcast of Timothée ADOLPHE races at the Rio Paralympic Games, Enedis employees were able to discover:

– The journey of Timothy ADOLPHE.

– How he formed his team and what is his management method.

– How the couple blind athlete – guide works.

– The solutions they have put in place to perform at the world highest level.

– The qualities to develop to be an easy-to-guide athlete and to be a good guide while making the parallel with the relationship manager – collaborator.

– Mistakes not to make to successfully perform collectively.


The collaborators of Enedis, many of whom had experienced the disability situation of Timothy ADOLPHE during the event « Le 6e Fête la Différence » were then able to ask their questions to Timothy ADOLPHE and his guide.



The exchanges of experience then continued around a lunch cocktail.