Conference for the CPAM of Dordogne

The CPAM of Dordogne has solicited Handiamo! to organize a conference for its employees on the following theme: « Disruption management – Adaptability and innovation ».


On June 27, Handiamo! took part in the Espace Agora de Boulazac, near Périgueux, within the framework of the General Meeting of the CPAM of Dordogne, which brought together more than 250 employees. Managerial and corporate issues were highlighted, thus linking with the intervention of Timothée ADOLPHE (blind athletic champion) and his guide Jeffrey LAMI.

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Timothée ADOLPHE, a talented lecturer, shared his career, the difficulties encountered with his disability, as well as the innovative solutions he has put in place to adapt to his new situation as a visually impaired person while always becoming more efficient at the highest level.

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Subsequently, the employees of the CPAM of Dordogne were able to ask without any taboo their questions to Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide. The intervention of Timothée ADOLPHE and his guide did not, it seems, leave insensitive the collaborators of the CPAM of Dordogne who reserved them at the end of the conference a standing ovation.

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The exchanges were then extended informally during a convivial lunch with regional flavors.

Testimony of Patricia PARQUET, communication officer at the CPAM Dordogne: « Bravo for your service to all. I only hear, here in the office, good of yesterday’s morning.  »

Testimony of Stéphane JEAUFFRE, CPAM 24’s Executive Attaché: « The returns of our agents indicate that the intervention of Timothée and Jeffrey was very appreciated. «