Blind soccer event organized for the city of Paris, held Place de la République

For the 8th edition of the Extra-Ordinary Month organized by the City of Paris, a Sports and Disability Village was installed on the Place de la République on June the 25th and 26th of 2016.

Among the various organizations that animated this Sports and Disability Village, Handiamo! was selected by the City of Paris to organize a blind soccer event echoing hosting the Euro and the Paris bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024, while highlighting the performance and facilitating the meet, share and full of emotions.


To animate and supervise this event, Handiamo! brought in four players or former players of the French blind soccer national team, Yvan Wouandji, Fabrice Morgado, David Labarre and Hakim Arezki, as well as Aimen Azouzi and Samir Gassama (goalkeepers of the French blind soccer national team), Manuel Morgado (French blind soccer national team guide), Wendy Wambre (blind soccer guide) and Djumé grenat (blind soccer goalkeeper).


Framed by these great champions and these blind soccer specialists, members of the public who attended this event were initiated to blind soccer through various workshops (ball control, passes, shootouts) while being put into blind conditions to live the same disabilities than the champions.

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At the end of these scenarios, the public was able to attend an exhibition match of the French national team, which has impressed the audience.

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People who have experienced the 3 blind soccer workshops had the privilege of playing a game alongside the French national team players.


Through this event, the public discovered this growing Paralympic discipline. Nearly a hundred people were initiated to blind soccer.

Beyond the magnificent spectacle offered by the champions, they could once again demonstrate how a perso with disabilities can be successful and contribute to the necessary change of looks and relations between valid persons and those with disabilities.